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Digital Marketing Company in Kerala

Digital Marketing Company in Kerala
Beat the traffic and arrive at your audience Content breeds commerce with profound presence, extensive reach and stellar results

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We set up the campaign; you reap the likes and subscriptions Among the featured digital marketing companies in Kerala, Smartipz possesses the expertise to harness the power of social media. We acknowledge that attaining stellar results requires intuitive features and integrative functionalities. And therefore, our modus operandi is agility and alignment. Defined and dynamic digital marketing strategies align your online personality and presence with company values and visions.

What we have on offer:

Search Engine Optimization
As your

SEO company in Kerala

Smartipz helps clients leverage the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to increase visibility and traction. Our team of professionals will create the repository of keywords most suited for your business. We also work around on-page keywords and meta tags for specific products and services pages. Moreover, our advanced services help identify target audiences with the time and device used for the product searches. Our facilities also cater to promotional content for news feeds and publicity, leveraging your organic reach. Not only content, but we also help with technical SEO. This tackles performance-related issues of your web pages and makes your websites user-friendly and approachable.
Influencer-driven Marketing
With the mind being a creative arena and the eye being a visual beholder, you can have an influencer pop up on your campaign and leave the sky to decide the limits. Instagram reels, product stories and placements are all relevant. Log on to social media, and you shall see these floating around your account. Analytics reveal that influencer-driven marketing garners considerable traction and helps immensely with branding. As a social media marketing company, we operate by setting up a well laid-out plan by creating a campaign by developing the content, social media shoots, and launch events that align with the brand goals and objectives. Once done, we begin our hunt for the influencer that perfectly fits the brand objectives. The prime objective of any brand campaign is to attain the best ROI, Return on Investment. We take care of this with Influencer Analytics. The traffic, viewership, lead generation, engagement and other metrics are shared regularly with you for synergistic movements.
Paid Advertising
A popular feature among the digital marketing companies in Kerala, Smartipz also assists with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. So profound is this strategy that there are several avenues such as Facebook advertising, Google shopping, Twitter advertising, YouTube advertising, and Display advertising. Paid advertising strategies garner immediate results across brand objectives and helps with lead generation, improving traffic, and augmenting brand awareness. However, it would be ingenuous to accept that all sails smoothly when surfing online. Various issues persist, such as broken links and multiple redirects. We make it a point that when the audience swipes right – that is, approves with a click – on your banner ad, they get to the intended destination hassle-free. Our team of experts resolves these issues by conducting PPC Audits. These audits also help identify the low-performing areas of the PPC campaign through regular reviews, monitoring and adjustment.
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