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Web Designing and Development Company in Kerala

Web Designing and Development Company in Kerala
Creativity breeds commerce with sought-after ideas, designs, and websites. We sow the tone, you reap the traction and enjoy the follow-on …

Welcome to the House of Digital Solutions

Kickstart your website to get your business up and running. At Smartipz, we help augment the appeal of the website to improve the engagement metric of your business. Our team of professional web designers acknowledge that the website is the first point of contact for customers and prospects. Call it a digital CV of your business; if you may, we help in its creation.

We at Smartipz offer:

Personality and character to your website
Our team of web designers in Kerala will help create a personality for your website that aligns with your brand image and values. To ensure that your website has a standout personality, we work with the finer nitty-gritty of design elements and other parameters such as navigation and experience. The endgame is to drive up the visitor and conversion counts while making your online presence impactful and effective.
Behind-the-scenes technical solutions for state-of-the-art functionality
Many of you may not know, but a lot happens behind the scenes when managing a website.
1. Setting the schematics
We understand the challenges that go into website creation. The trials are both objective and subjective. The former caters to functionality and the latter to aesthetic appeal. Schematics help ease the challenge and confusion by offering a visual framework into its structure and outlook. Schematics are a blueprint and a two-dimensional illustration of the core of your website. It offers insights on space allocation, content prioritization and ranking, as well as functionalities and behaviours. In simple words, we help set the tone and offer a starting point for your in-house programmers and designers.
2. Picking reliable and safe hosts
The first level of protection for your website, reliable hosts keep your website secure and prevent it from falling into the hands of unruly predators, that is, hackers. It marks the pinnacle of safety for websites. Our web development company in Kerala understands the importance of keeping your websites safe and secure. Sign up with us, and we will make sure to keep the frequency of downtimes and errors at a minimum.
3. Testing the waters
Before launching the website, our

web designers in Kerala

test the website to ensure it is customer-ready. Our team helps conduct integrative testing, wherein the brand website undergoes several preliminary tests to ensure scores high on its commercial viability. That is, we make sure it is operational before giving the green signal for its final launch.
4. Fixing and reporting bugs
Inclusive websites that offer shopping and banking facilities to customers and prospects, bugs are an irritant to safe and smooth functioning. Our professional web design services make sure to keep your website away from bugs. Not only detection, but we also report and fix the bugs and notify you about the time and occurrence.
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